Seeking the role of university students for a sustainable future

Future meets future. Jerome C. Glenn, the CEO of The Millennium Project, visited Korea and met ASEZ at the New Jerusalem Pangyo Temple on June 26. Under the subject, “Seeking the Role of University Students for a Sustainable Future,” the futurist talked with 530 members of ASEZ the Church of God University Student Volunteer Group.

The meeting began around 5 p.m. with a performance of two environmental songs, which raise awareness of environmental issues and urge people to take actions immediately. The university student chorus, which harmonized with a video, inspired the audience.

The ASEZ activities were introduced in English through panels and a presentation, and the students actively asked questions, paying attention to the futurist.

Mr. Glenn talked about various topics such as how to integrate collective intelligence into teamwork and how to communicate with cities and make changes. Impressed with ASEZ members’ enthusiasm, he gave his signature in support of ASEZ. He spoke highly of ASEZ because many university students are acting now around the world, and asked them to continue with their efforts for a better future. He also showed his interest in ASEZ’s Reduce Crime Together campaign and hoped to meet again to discuss the matter more deeply.

The audience of university students applauded when Mr. Glenn said he would help make ASEZ’s activities known online and support with feedback. “We’ve confirmed once again that ASEZ activities such as environmental campaigns and efforts to implement the UN SDGs and reduce crime make a difference for our future. Our job is to put things into practice, starting from small things,” the students expressed their determination for a sustainable future.

After the meeting, Mr. Glenn complimented ASEZ on its activities being carried out successfully with the heart of Mother. “One change can bring great changes in the future. You’ve been actively working and making changes around the world. I believe that such activities can change the future of mankind,” he said.