On February 28, ASEZ members in Buenos Aires, Argentina, visited the Center for Environmental Information and Training located in Almagro. They aimed to prepare native plants to be newly planted throughout the city in place of 600 trees that had fallen during the storm in December 2023. In order to regenerate the urban ecosystem destroyed by natural disasters, ASEZ members volunteered with one accord.

Gonzalo Atapuerca, Operations Manager of the Environmental Determination and Laboratory, expressed his gratitude to ASEZ members, saying, “In a situation of budget cuts due to economic difficulties, these trees would not have survived without the help of ASEZ volunteers.”

ASEZ is engaged in global environmental ecosystem conservation efforts through the ASEZ Green Carbon [AGC] Movement. Tree Planting Campaign, one of the campaigns under the AGC Movement, aims to plant trees and plants that absorb carbon to achieve carbon neutrality. As the climate crisis continues to harm our ecosystems every day, it is crucial for countries and regions to get ready for environmental disasters by preparing and taking care of native plants.

ASEZ members in Buenos Aires, Argentina, will continue various activities to restore the urban ecosystem.