The Save Movement has aspirations that university students
will volunteer in the four areas with the love of Mother
and save the Earth in crisis.

Community Service

There are many neighbors and facilities in our communities who are waiting for help.

Like Mother takes care of each and every child of Hers, ASEZ will strive to take care of our underprivileged neighbors, by visiting welfare facilities such as disabled facilities, nursing homes, and orphanages, so that we may help residents in our communities and all people in the world.

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Awareness Raising

What is as important as practice is the shift in awareness.

ASEZ will continue to improve the local environment by promoting awareness among university students and local residents through continual campaigns, education programs, and forums.

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Victim Relief

In many parts of the world, people are troubled with big and small disasters and are waiting for help.

As the Bible teaches, “Be a Good Samaritan,” the ASEZ university students do not ignore our neighbors who are in crisis, but carry out volunteer services such as disaster relief efforts, delivering relief goods, and school restoration work, around the world.

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Environmental Protection

ASEZ wants to protect the Earth through continual cleanup activities.

Since 2015, when “Mother’s Street” was designated and a cleanup partnering with the city hall was carried out in Nepal, ASEZ has been cleaning streets in North America, South America, Asia, Europe, Africa, and Oceania.

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