From March 7 to 8, 2024, 25 ASEZ members from Las Vegas, NV, U.S., partnered with WSS and CIS (Communities in Schools) to organize a donation event under the slogan, “Share Love With Neighbors.”

The event featured notable figures, including former Oakland Raiders player Lincoln Kennedy, anchor and multimedia journalist Rachel Moore and Courtney Merz, program director at CIS Eliset Villanueva, and Nicolas Luis, Assistant of Councilwoman of Las Vegas City Victoria Seaman.

This event aimed to provide school supplies to low-income students in Nevada State located in the western U.S., creating a new educational environment through academic support to address the challenges they are facing.

The State of Nevada is facing challenges in academic achievement, particularly among its low-income students. In particular, during the COVID-19 pandemic, many students fell behind in essential skills such as reading and writing. Furthermore, they fell into depression, anxiety, and various other mental health issues due to the social distancing and closing of schools. ASEZ took action to bring joy and comfort to the students in Nevada, encouraging them not to give up their studies and dreams.

During the event, ASEZ members performed the song, “Cheer Up,” and delivered a lecture on ANIMO, which means cheer up in Spanish, for the children. ASEZ took that word and created the acronym ANIMO, which stands for “Achieve New Impact by Making Opportunities.” The members explained to the children how to maintain a positive mindset and delivered a message of hope, encouraging them to never give up on their dreams and goals in life. ASEZ members shared dreams and hopes with the students, distributing backpacks, assorted school supplies, basketballs, soccer balls, and penny boards, encouraging them to live healthy lives.

When the event was over, the students expressed their deep gratitude to the ASEZ volunteers, saying, “Today was the best day,” “You are all amazing. It was the best event,” “I’m so happy, I will tell my mom!” The students’ bright smiles moved not only ASEZ members but also many people who attended the event.

In response, Assistant Principal of Ernest J. May Elementary School, Melissa Mingo, said, “ASEZ is a wonderful team of young adults that uplift and motivate children to reach all of their dreams. I couldn’t be more surprised and amazed at this group of individuals. I hope other schools have the opportunity for ASEZ to come to their schools and share this amazing message as well.” Assistant Principal of Vail Pittman Elementary School, Thomas Holmes, said, “This was a fantastic event. ASEZ members, keep on doing what you are doing, because the impact you have is truly amazing.” Former NFL player with the Oakland Raiders, Lincoln Kennedy, said, “ASEZ has a tremendous impact on all people around the world, and if you haven’t joined them, you should look at joining.”

The event’s ultimate goal was to make a meaningful change in the lives of low-income students in the State of Nevada. ASEZ members had a positive influence on more than 500 elementary school students (grades 3–5) and more than 60 teachers and staff in Las Vegas Valley through this event. ASEZ was honored with a certificate of recognition from Councilwoman Victoria Seaman of the Las Vegas City Council.