One of the global key issues in 2024 is undoubtedly the environment. The members of the Church of God silently take the lead in safeguarding the global environment amidst the sobering reality of facing increasingly hotter summers each year. Among them, particularly young adults and students, the future generations, inspire the international community and local governments through their dedicated volunteerism, receiving support and cooperation in return.

On April 7, at the 1st-floor special conference room of Gimhae City Council, 15 representatives from the Church of God University Student Volunteer Group [ASEZ] and 15 representatives from the Student Volunteer Group [ASEZ STAR] gathered to receive a support signature from Gimhae City Council (Chairman Ryu Myeong-ryeol). So far, members of ASEZ and of ASEZ STAR in Gimhae City have been consistently carrying out environmental cleanups and campaigns. There are plans to continue and expand cooperation with Gimhae City not only in environmental activities but also in endeavors aimed at creating a peaceful and safe society, which ASEZ and ASEZ STAR advocate for.

On the day of signing the proposal, Chairman Ryu Myeong-ryeol, who participated in the event, expressed his gratitude, saying, “I thank the Church of God university students and middle and high school students for their substantial and dedicated activities for Gimhae City.” He added, “I have no doubt that you will continue to engage in active initiatives for the citizens of Gimhae.” He also remarked on the support signature, saying, “It is impressive and promising that young students are taking the lead in these projects. I look forward to the future of Gimhae City.” In March 2023, Gimhae City Council also awarded commendations to ASEZ and ASEZ STAR for their contributions, recognizing their community spirit through various volunteer activities.

ASEZ member Park Su-bin from Gaya University said, “Today, there was a time to introduce ASEZ’s activities to the chairman. I felt very proud and honored to have been involved in ASEZ throughout the time.” She added, “It is said that the greatest resource of the 21st century is young adults. As a young adult, I want to lead the world with the right spirit and deeds learned from God.” ASEZ STAR student member Lee Hyeon-ah from Jangyu High School said, “Although my time in ASEZ STAR has been short, I’ve learned things that cannot be taught in school or academies. As I gradually put into practice what I knew, I realized that I should work to make a world where we, not I, live together,” she said.

The Church of God, established in over 7,500 locations across 175 countries worldwide, encompasses volunteer groups such as ASEZ composed of university students, ASEZ WAO of workers, and ASEZ STAR of middle and high school students.

These groups foster global solidarity for sustainable environment protection through active events for the environment in various parts of the world, not only domestically but also internationally, with support from officials of international organizations and governments of each country through supporting signatures and signing Memorandums of Understanding [MOUs].