About ASEZ

Church of God University Student Volunteer Group

University students are the leaders of future generations
who act for the real change of the Earth.

ASEZ is a group of university student volunteers from the Church of God, who act to solve practical problems around the world. People are suffering from disasters such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, terrorist attacks, wars, and climate catastrophes caused by climate change. They are in need of our help.

The answer to all these challenges depends on young adults and university students who are the leaders of future generations. We have the power to change present despair to future hope, and current frustration to future happiness.The power of one person is weak, but if all of us work together to solve the problems each campus is facing, the hopeful future of humanity will soon become a reality.

Motto of ASEZ

We deliver the warmth ofMother’s love to the world.

Mom soothed me when I was sick. Mom cleaned our home.
Mom comforted us with warm meals. Little miracles happened wherever Mom touches
—in our home and in our heart.

Mom’s love heals us and encourages us.
Like a mom who pays attention to her child who needs attention, and comforts
her child who needs comfort, we want to deliver Mother’s heartwarming love to
our neighbors in the world suffering from all sorts of disasters and troubles.