On February 5, 2024, ASEZ members from George Mason University [GMU], Northern Virginia Community College [NOVA], Howard University, and Virginia Tech University held the Human Rights Seminar at George Mason University in support of the United Nations’ Human Rights Day.

The seminar that informs college students who will lead the future generations about the importance of human rights issues can be considered essential.

In this regard, ASEZ members in the Washington D.C. area proposed ways to improve human rights issues occurring on campus through insightful research into student rights, and they had a discussion on promoting human rights.

They emphasized the universality of all human rights, mentioning the impact that human rights issues have on each individual.

Students also acknowledged the impact human rights have on individuals who might be discriminated or treated unfairly.

Besides, they repeatedly pointed out the need for collective action to create meaningful change regarding human rights issues.

The seminar was attended by around forty students and faculty members from various universities in the Washington D.C. area, and the event concluded with closing remarks from Dr. Nathan Carter and Dr. Richmond Hill at NOVA Woodbridge Campus.

Dr. Nathan Carter said, “The first step to promoting a happier world is to eliminate prejudice when it comes to addressing human rights violations.”

Dr. Richmond Hill said, “I am marveled at ASEZ’s global reach and its enormous presence, and I will actively participate in all events hosted by ASEZ in the future.” Both esteemed experts commended ASEZ’s initiatives and applauded its dedication in striving for the public good.

ASEZ is actively working in various fields to implement the UN’s sustainable development goals, and in the field of human rights, and it is continuing its efforts to raise awareness of human rights through various activities in many countries.