As of April 2021, Mexico’s corornavirus death toll became the world’s third highest, and its mortality rate of 9% is one of the highest in the world. That’s why healthcare workers, who strive to eradicate the COVID-19 at the forefront, are still exposed to danger and uncertainty that seem to never end.

On February 17, 2021, ASEZ members in Tijuana, Mexico, visited Tijuana General Hospital and delivered support kits to 100 medical staff members to encourage them.

The medical staff was surprised by the kits, which includes letters with cheering messages like “Let’s overcome together” and appreciation for their efforts, masks, hand sanitizers, and snacks. They expressed their gratitude to the members.

“Many doctors have not seen their families since the pandemic began. It has been very hard for them because they cannot feel the close support of their loved ones. Thank you very much for encouraging them through your visit,” said a nurse.

Melissa, a member of ASEZ, who took part in the volunteer service, said, “At first when the doctors came out of the hospital, they looked tired and stressed, but when they received the kits, their face changed to be energetic and happy. This was not because of what was in the package, but because they came to know that someone out there thought of them and was aware of their sacrifice.”

The support kits were like a warm light to the medical staff, who were making their physical and mental dedication at the forefront of the fierce battles for survival. We hope that ASEZ’s volunteer service, which contains the heart of Mother, will comfort and encourage the people who are coping with the COVID-19 in each community.