On June 27, 2021, ASEZ members in Pretoria, Rep. South Africa, visited Klapperkop Nature Reserve.

Klapperkop Nature Reserve was established by the Department of Nature Conservation in Pretoria in 1989. It is a home for birds and mammals such as zebras. However, recently, wattle trees were growing in this place, affecting wild animals and plants. Wattle tree is a major exotic invasive tree most widespread in South Africa. Its water-storage properties deprive surrounding wildlife and plants of drinking water, and impede their growth. Such growth inhibition also hinders the formation of grasslands, which are the habitats for wild animals. Such an invasive species disrupts the biological balance of vulnerable ecosystems and causes various disasters along with the collapse of biodiversity.

ASEZ, together with Tsuwane City Hall, volunteered to rid of exotic trees and clean up for biodiversity conservation. About sixty ASEZ members and City Councilor at Tshwane Shaun Wilkinson took part in this volunteer activity. The officials from the city hall cut down the exotic trees that were destroying the ecosystem, and ASEZ members collected them.

An ASEZ member Nomvula said, “When I saw the trees at first, I wondered why do I have to cut them, but after hearing the explanation from the manager of the Department of Nature Conservation, I realized that this is for protecting the ecosystem. I was grateful for being able to participate in protecting nature and Earth even a little bit. The officials expressed their gratitude to ASEZ, saying, “It would have taken several days if we had to do it alone. But we finished it in two to three hours.”

The exotic trees that covered the mountain were neatly removed after the volunteer work.

ASEZ will continue to make efforts to create sustainable environments and protect the ecosystems around the world.