The Church of God university students visited the Presidential Palace of Brazil in Brasília at the invitation of President Michel Temer on August 28, the Brazilian National Volunteer Day. Around 500 people including government officials were present at the event: President Michel Temer, First Lady Marcela Temer, Chief of Staff of the Presidency Eliseu Padilha, Secretary-General of the Presidency Ronaldo Fonseca, Minister of Education Rossieli Soares, Advisor to Chief of Staff of the Presidency Martha Seillier, and Resident Coordinator of the United Nations System and the Resident Representative of the UNDP Niky Fabiancic.

The ASEZ university students performed buchaechum (traditional Korean fan dance) at the ceremony. They also presented business name card holders made of mother of pearl, fans, and traditionally designed bags to the president and the first lady, appreciating invitation and introducing Korea’s tradition and culture.

President Michel Temer expressed his gratitude and praise to university students for their active volunteer services and contribution to enhancing quality of life and raising community spirit in many countries as well as in Brazil. “This moment you’re with us feels precious. Volunteer services are about giving your love and care to others. I support ASEZ’s every activity,” said Secretary-General of the Presidency Ronaldo Fonseca.