Cajamarca’s rainy season lasts for about six months a year.
However, abnormal rain continued for about one year from 2020 to 2021, having caused the embankment collapse on Santa Apolonia Hill located in Cajamarca.

On April 30, 22 members of ASEZ gathered on Santa Apolonia Hill to repair the collapsed embankment and improve the surrounding environment.

First, they cleared around the collapsed area and fixed the stones that were in a dangerous position upright with a mixture of clay.

Benito Alaya Chávez (from National University of Cajamarca), who took part in this event, said, “Through this activity, I was able to be more aware of how to care of the green belt. Despite the limited time, we were able to make a restoration. I was glad to see people satisfied with our work.” He also explained the purpose of the activity, saying, “Through this volunteer service, we can develop a good habit of taking care of our heritage and build power to change.”

On this day, they restored three damaged areas for about three hours, and the municipal, who watched them, complimented ASEZ who take care of the green belt in the city. Attention is paid to ASEZ who will take the lead in brining changes throughout local communities.