About 30 members from ASEZ carried out cleaning up notice boards on the campus of Instituto Politécnico Nacional [IPN] ESIME on January 24, 2019.

Before the start of the volunteer service, Hugo Quitana Espinosa the Director of the IPN was very happy, saying, “It’s very lucky for IPN to have met ASEZ. Its activities are greatly inspiring Mexicans.” Furthermore, he cheered up the ASEZ members, saying, “I really hope that IPN students will work together with ASEZ.”

There were a number of notice boards all over the campus, but they were dirty with stains; as a result, the university students felt much inconvenience. So, ASEZ members removed paint, dirt, and stain from the notice boards, and paint them.

Alin, an IPN student, who participated in the volunteer service, complimented ASEZ, saying, “ASEZ is of great help to the world. All the ASEZ members look very bright and healthy.” Tania Daniela, another IPN student, expressed her feeling, saying, “It was a wonderful experience to have participated in such a volunteer service. It would be really great for me to learn more about this organization.”

All the sixteen notice boards on the campus were newly decorated through the six-hour volunteer service. Despite the hot weather, the ASEZ members had smile on their faces throughout the activity. We hope that ASEZ university students will continue to work hard to improve the environmental conditions of their campuses, and enhance the well-being of their local community.