Praying for the health of neighbors and adding vitality to society with hope for the end of COVID-19

On March 29, ASEZ members disinfected and cleaned about 3 km [1.9 mile] path around Kwangwoon University Subway Station in Nowon-gu, Seoul, Korea, to change the social atmosphere that had been stagnant due to the COVID-19 and to take care of the environment, keeping COVID-19 preventative measures.

They cleaned the streets¬ by spraying the disinfectant on the stage of the Kwangwoon University Subway Station Plaza, benches, bus stations, garbage bins, utility poles, and collected trash such as cigarette stubs, scraps of papers, plastic bags, cans, and plastics; they collected a total of four 50-liter trash bags on that day.

The ASEZ official said, “When this pandemic comes to an end, our life will be much energetic than ever. Wishing for that day, we became one-minded to take care of our living environment. We hope that our neighbors will be full of vitality and happiness living in a clean city. We will continue to work for our hopeful future.”

The community service center in Wolgae 1-dong, Seoul, welcomed the university students, and provided disinfectants, disinfectant spray machines, garbage bags, and cleaning supplies. Kim Eonjin, the Assistant Manager of the Kwangwoon University Station, expressed his gratitude, saying, “We’re very thankful to the Church of God ASEZ university student volunteer group for their cleanup during the COVID-19 pandemic. We don’t know when this pandemic will end, but I think the passion and devotion of these young people will surely overcome this crisis. I hope that the Church of God university students will continue to work hard for our country to overcome the COVID-19.”

“I’m proud to clean my school. I hope our volunteering will be of a help for people in this time of trouble,” said Lee Sae-yeon (23, Kwangwoon University), who took part in this event. Park Min-jun (21, Induk University) said, “As a member of ASEZ, I’m glad to be a help to the residents by making a healthy and clean environment through disinfection and cleanup during this pandemic. I want to continue to take part in recovering the environment.”

COVID-19 has put not only physical distance between people but also emotional distance. The year 2021 is called the era of “With COVID-19.” In this era, what about having care for our neighbors though our bodies are apart from each other?