ASEZ Nepal Kathmandu Branch Holds “No Horn” Campaign

On April 27, 2017, the members of ASEZ in Kathmandu, Nepal, held a “No Horn” Campaign on Tinkune-Rastriya Sabha Griha Road to improve the living environment of the residents who are suffering inconveniences due to noise.

Kathmandu has a heavy traffic due to high population density, narrow roads, and the increase of the number of vehicles. When there is traffic jam, the drivers honk out of habit, which stresses out the citizens and gives them displeasure and have a bad influence on everybody’s hearing. This motivated ASEZ members to hold a campaign with the message to stop honking unnecessarily.

Mayor of Kathmandu, Ishwor Raj Poudel, came for this campaign and encouraged the members. The traffic police officers from the City Hall supported the event, too. The 150 college students held up “No Horn” pickets for about two hours during the rush hour from 7 to 9 in the morning, and marched about 3 km, shouting, “No horn!” The citizens responded to the campaign, saying, “The college students who are our future are doing such a good job.”