News of abnormal changes of weather, such as heat waves, heavy snowfalls, and extreme cold waves due to climate change, is spreading all over the world. On January 30, 2022, streets were packed with snow in Waterbury due to the heavy snowfall the night before.

For this, twenty-five ASEZ UCON members bundled up to clean the snow. They helped many residents dig out their cars from the unplowed streets, and clean the snow around their houses.

The residents who witnessed their work appreciated for their heartfelt efforts. Abel, a resident, said, “I would like to encourage other students to join this group. Young people came today doing something that helped the community instead of being at home and just relaxing, playing games. They took their time to wake up early and clean the streets. So, I hope that more young people will be able to join this group.”

ASEZ UCONN President Kayla Hardin expressed, “Today’s cleanup is extremely heartwarming. It is truly touching that we are able to do something to help the community.”

Tytiana Washington, Coordinator of ASEZ Middletown Branch, said in her interview, “Though initially, it was for environmental protection, this became an encouraging social service activity. Moreover, it was a great joy for us to share love with our neighbors according to the teachings of the Bible.”

In Connecticut, each branch regularly carries out community services such as street cleanups, leaf cleanups, and snow removals since 2017. Attention is paid to the ASEZ activities of love for the local community.