[Republic of Korea] ASEZ in Semyeong University Runs a Crime Prevention Campaign Booth for Two Days

ASEZ club at Semyeong University took part in the Community Festival 2023 for two days from April 11 to 12. Over two days, ASEZ at Semyeong University introduced ASEZ and the Reduce Crime Together [RCT] Campaign to about 300 students and school officials.

The Community Festival is an on-campus event that marks the beginning of all the club activities at Semyeong University. Every year, clubs come together to introduce their clubs and share the activity results. The ASEZ_SMU club at Semyeong University attended as a volunteer club and ran a booth to introduce the ASEZ’s RCT Campaign.

About 300 students and school officials visited the booth. Many students visited the ASEZ booth despite sudden rain, and ASEZ members worked with smiles on their faces. While listening to the introduction of ASEZ’s RCT Campaign, many visitors lavished their compliments, saying, “You do a lot of good things,” or “You are doing a great job.”

Other clubs also visited the ASEZ booth and supported ASEZ activities. A professor in charge of a volunteer group for serving bread, supported ASEZ with a warm heart at the next booth, saying, “We make bread and you share drinks for free. It is very meaningful that we become one by working together.”

A member who prepared the booth said, “Whenever visitors complimented and admired ASEZ, I was reminded of the volunteer work we’d done. As a member of ASEZ, I’m proud that I’ve taken part in the volunteer activities. The event was joyful and so meaningful that I forgot all the difficulties I had while preparing the booth.”

ASEZ is carrying out the RCT Campaign to eradicate physical and emotional violence for a peaceful and safe world. ASEZ carries out various types of activities such as the RCT School, a crime prevention education activity for adolescents, as well as crime prevention forums, campaigns, and environmental improvement activities.