The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a rise in awareness on the importance of hygiene and cleanliness. This awareness has increased not only on an individual level but also among government bodies and volunteer organizations.

Previously in 2019, ASEZ received a plaque from the Public Hygiene Council [PHC] in recognition of being part of the “R.I.S.E. Champions Network” of the “Keep Singapore Clean” Movement.

On August 29, 2021, ASEZ carried out an environmental campaign under the slogan, “Clean Up After Yourself!”

With effect from September 1, 2021, Singapore started enforcing the mandatory return of trays for meals at hawker centres. Traditionally, this was the role of the cleaners. However, in an effort to create a Singapore where people clean up after themselves, the government took a bold step to enforce this new rule.

On August 29, three days before the start of the enforcement of the new rule, ASEZ members gathered at one of the hawker centres at Toa Payoh. Their mission for that Sunday morning was to recognize and acknowledge “Singapore Clean Heroes”—individuals who demonstrate responsible and civic-minded actions such as returning their own trays to the collection point after their meals or picking up garbage that is around them. Volunteers presented them a packet of tissue paper and a bottle of hand sanitizer as a token of appreciation for their participation.
ASEZ volunteers hoped that this activity will be an opportunity for more people to have civic-minded behaviors and this will soon become a norm in the Singapore culture.

At the end of the volunteer work, Clemen Yap (ASEZ university student volunteer) commented, “As a young adult, I’ve believed that we are the leaders of tomorrow. I’m glad that I have the opportunity to participate in this campaign with ASEZ to raise awareness of the importance of maintaining high public hygiene and cleanliness standards, especially during the COVID-19.”

ASEZ members in Singapore will continue to work with the Public Hygiene Council as well as other organizations for making a truly clean and green Singapore!