The world with no discrimination, where everyone enjoys their human rights, where people and nature co-exist, this must be what everyone wishes for.

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals [UN SDGs] are the commitment of humankind to realize what we want. They are the goals for the future we want.

ASEZ members in Cordoba, Argentina, held a forum to inform citizens of the UN Sustainable Development Goals at the auditorium of Community Participation Center [CPC] on August 31, 2022.

The forum was attended by officials from CPC as well as local university students. The event consisted of the presentation on the UN SDGs, performance by ASEZ members, and signing supporting signatures.

Stating that the goal was made not only by the representatives of each country but also by all walks of life, the presenters emphasized that the goal is a common goal for mankind. They added that since each goal is connected to each other, various efforts and multilateral participation are needed to achieve it.

Mayor of City of Cordoba met ASEZ students and complimented their activities in Cordoba and around the world. Javier Britch, President of the SDG Latin American Network, sent a message of support as follows: “We are ready to make progress toward the implementation of the Agenda 2030,” saying that they would make sure no one is left behind regardless of race and nationality.

A member of ASEZ at the University of Cordoba asked more young people to join them in giving hope to people to make the world a better place, saying, “ASEZ is a group with enthusiasm for making the world a better place. I’m very grateful and proud to be part of ASEZ.”

Making sure that no one is left behind is the goal of UN SDGs.

In order to ensure that no one is marginalized from all their rights, everyone must participate in implementing the SDGs. When we work together for the global commitment, the change will bring forth the world we want.

ASEZ will continue to work together, letting everyone know that the future we want is in our hands.