In June 2023, ASEZ university student volunteer group in Nepal conducted the ABC Movement twice. ABC stands for ASEZ Blue Carbon. This campaign aims to raise awareness of blue carbon and purify blue carbon ecosystems.

On June 12, the ABC Movement was held at United Nations Park and Bagmati River Corridor located in Lalitpur Metropolitan City, Nepal.

About 300 students gathered for the event from many universities: Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu University, Nepal Medical College, Everest Engineering College, Texas International College, Shanker Dev Campus, Ratnarajya College, Trichandra Campus, etc.

The Vice-Chairman of National Assembly of Nepal, Indira Rana Magar; the Executive Director of High Powered Committee for Integrated Development of Bagmati Civilization, Uddhav Prasad Timilsina;
Raju Shresrha, a prominent national political leader; the Chairperson of Lalitpur Metropolitan City Ward No. 11, Aroj Kumar Khadgi; the Principal of Universal Science and Engineering College, Bhesh Raj Thapa; the Chief Editor in Nepal News Bank, Ram Nath Ghimire attended and encouraged the students.

Before the cleanup, panels were displayed to inform of carbon neutrality and the need to protect blue carbon ecosystems. ASEZ members explained the concept of blue carbon through the panel exhibition to about 2,500 residents who visited the park, and encouraged them to participate in the cleanup. They also signed in support of the ABC Movement. On that day, ASEZ university students collected a total of 200 bags of trash through the cleanup.

Vice-Chairman Rana said, “Today, I’m surprised to see the overwhelming number of youth volunteers with such bright eyes. Also, it’s truly mesmerizing to witness young people taking the lead in doing such selfless volunteer activities day and night only to save the environment and make this world a better place. I regret that I’ve not known your thousands of volunteer work until now. I believe indeed volunteers like you can bring about change in society, nation, and the whole world. I feel lucky to get to know you all and express my desire to attend all your upcoming programs. I wish you all the best for your future endeavors.”

“When we began our blue carbon awareness campaign, we didn’t expect such an overwhelming response from people. Today, prominent people including actors, writers, doctors, engineers, government officials, university professors, and students have come, listened to our panel explanation, and signed in support of our activities. They also admired the efforts of university students to conserve blue carbon ecosystems. I feel so good to be part of the event as a change maker in society,” said Robin Nembang, a student from Tribhuvan University.

Reshma Thapa, a student from Trichandra Campus, expressed her joy, stating, “It’s so refreshing to see people having interest in us and our blue carbon conservation efforts. What is even more inspiring is that they’ve been showing their willingness to participate in the campaign by constantly asking us what they can do to help us. It’s so meaningful that today’s event has raised people’s awareness of the environment.”

On June 29, the ABC Movement was carried out at Bagmati River Corridor located at Gokarneshwar Municipality in Kathmandu Nepal. More than 400 university students from ASEZ in Nepal gathered to clean the blue carbon ecosystems.

The event was attended by Congressperson Uma Majhi, the Gokarneshwar Municipality Mayor Dipak Kumar Risal and Deputy Mayor Sannali Lama, along with the Chairperson of Ward No. 6 Nanda Kumar Shrestha, and the Chief of Nepal Federation of Journalists Santosh Paudel.

Congressperson Majhi said, “I’ve never seen such an amazing group of youth volunteers with immeasurable enthusiasm.” She praised the selfless ASEZ volunteers and added, “Thank you ASEZ for giving me the honor to be part of your event. I know there’s not much I can do for you, but the very least is I shall be recommending your name for the national environment award from the government. Indeed, you guys can save the earth from A to Z.”

Mayor Risal expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the ASEZ university students, saying that it was a great blessing to have such young adults in the municipality. He also expressed his intention to cooperate with ASEZ in the future, saying, “Let’s work hand in hand to save the earth from A to Z.” The other participants, too, expressed their gratitude for ASEZ activities.

The university students who participated in the event on the 29th collected about 190 garbage bags. All the students energetically carried out the volunteer service.

Sita Rani Limbu, a university student volunteer, said, “Many people have participated in the Blue Carbon awareness campaign and the cleanup. Everyone seemed to realize the need for blue carbon conservation.”

Another volunteer Rabin Khati said, “Now, it is the proud moment in my life. In Nepal, many people are still unaware of the importance of blue carbon. It was good to raise awareness of blue carbon and the environment through this activity. I’m so happy to be a member of ASEZ.”

ASEZ’s efforts to combat climate change have the potential to protect not only a specific region or country but also the global environment. Attention is paid to ASEZ university students who have the potential.