On July 23, 2017, 65 members of ASEZ from Korea and from Dallas, TX, USA, held a street cleanup at the Cobb Park located in Fort Worth, Texas, USA, as a part of “Mother’s Street Project.”

The ASEZ members started the cleanup with a cheerful shout. Shedding beads of sweat, they even picked the trash hidden deep in the ground to improve environment and implant environmental awareness in the residents. Starting from the spot where they met up together, they picked little trash such as bottle caps, pieces of paper, and plastic water bottles, and big trash such as a piano, a wooden table, and cables. Despite the hot weather, they collected 60 bags of trash and large waste as well, with burning passion and beautiful smiles.

Kim Min-ji from Changwon University of Korea said, “It’s very hot, but I feel great because it is a meaningful event. I’m happy at the thought that the residents will come here and take a pleasant walk.”