On July 30, 2017, ASEZ members from Korea and Argentina went out to clean a park near Av. Dr. Arturo Capdevila, located in Cordoba, Argentina, to create a “Mother’s Street.” About 40 members of ASEZ rolled up their sleeves and participated in this event held by the City of Cordoba and ASEZ with the same purpose—the City of Cordoba’s environmental cleanup and recovery project and ASEZ’s “Mother’s Street Project.”

The park had a quite big open space left neglected and the landscaping was poor; the ground had pebbles, trash, straw, etc.

The ASEZ members planted trees and cleaned the park to provide the residents with a comfortable and pleasant space. They removed the weeds, dug deep holes in the ground, and planted saplings. Also, they raked straw, weeds, pebbles, and trash on the spots where they planted the saplings and around them by using shovels and rakes, and put them all in one spot. The members planted a total number of 16 trees, collected about 1.5 tons of pebbles, and 7 bags of trash [each 50 liter (13 gal)], and painted old 2 tables and 8 benches.

Daniel Prina from the City Hall in charge of green space participated in the event and expressed his gratitude, saying, “Thank you so much for gathering here for today’s event, leaving your own work behind despite the cold weather.”