On August 20, 2023, ASEZ members in Mexico City, Mexico, planted trees to create a park along the Canal Nacional in cooperation with the Mexico City government. The Canal Nacional is the oldest man-made canal in the Americas. Since 2019, the government has been carrying out a project to transform the area of the canal into an eco-city park open to the public.

On that day, around 50 ASEZ members, their families, and acquaintances planted more than 250 trees. Brenda Iveth Murillo Pérez, responsible for the Canal Nacional under the Ministry of Environment of the Mexico City Government, participated in the event, and the government provided trees, shovels, and carts for the activity.

The volunteers planted the trees, following the guidance of the government official. They removed scattered stones from the ground, planted trees in the right rows, and pressed the soil neatly. It took three hours from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Maria Fernanda, an ASEZ member from UNAM University, said, “Through this event, I was able to promote the importance of protecting green belts and natural environments in the city. As an ASEZ member, I’m very happy and proud.”

ASEZ’s campaign to combat desertification is being carried out all around the world, contributing to reducing carbon dioxide emissions and responding to climate change. We hope ASEZ’s activities will become a driving force to change the world.