On July 26, 2017, ASEZ members made a second visit to the DIF national orphanage Central de Abasto branch located in Mexico City, Mexico, followed by their first visit made last year, to be guest teachers helping children’s dreams and hopes grow. This program was carried out by 23 college students who belong to AZES in Korea and in Mexico.

This day, the members had six various types of classes including handicraft, traditional Korean games, art, physical education and dance, education by video, and education on human rights. In the class about human rights, they educated the children who should be protected, on children’s human rights and welfare policy in their eye level, and helped them understand how precious they are.

Park Chan-gyu from Semyung University of Korea, a guest teacher, said, “It wasn’t easy to play with children in another country and educate them. But when I put myself in their shoes and tried to understand them and talk with them, I could be on the same page although we couldn’t communicate with each other freely. I could feel the children’s purity.”

Marta Patricia, the person in charge of the branch, gave words of encouragement by saying, “Different types of games and activities will give children good experiences. Our children were excited that you came back after their first visit from last year. Thank you for helping them once again establish the set of values on human rights. I hope your activities will move other people so that they too will participate in sharing love.”