We all think about tomorrow.

We look for the ways to guarantee a sustainable life for tomorrow and for the next generation in various fields.

On May 5, 2022, university students who are the future leaders, and present leaders who are now leading the world by reflecting their voices in real-life policies and making systematic changes, had a future-oriented meeting.

Around 700 university students from ASEZ had a meeting with Bianca Dager, the Vice Minister of Environment, Water and Ecological Transition of Ecuador, who was visiting Republic of Korea (hereinafter referred to as “Korea”) to attend the XV World Forestry Congress held in Seoul, Korea.

The Vice Minister emphasized that we should come together for change, saying, “The real power comes from a civil society. When many people with a specific purpose come together, that’s when we can feel the power.”

She asked the students to act as follows: “Find people and groups who have the passion to change things; have a clear cause and purpose; and always use the expression we instead of I. She urged them to bring about the changes we want, saying, “This isn’t a sprint race; it’s an endurance race. Even if we are not perfect, we must continue to work without being frustrated. Our volunteer work should actually change the local situation, and we should be more committed to protecting our planet.”

After the lecture, a student asked her about how we can let people pay attention to the environment and climate change, and how to show them that their actions and responsibilities can change the world. She answered, “Your actions to change the world will set as a good example for them.”

Highlighting that each of us has purchasing responsibilities, she said, “We are consumers and also have historical obligation to generate changes.” She enlightened that change is what we want, what we demand, and what we must make.

Yun Tae-chan, a student from Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, said, “I’ve realized that each of us is weak, but when we act together for change, we can move one step closer to creating a better world.” Lee Sae-hyeon, a member of the same university, expressed his willingness to play the role as a university student activist, saying, “I thought I was interested in environmental issues more than anyone, but the Vice Minister’s lecture enlightened me to the fact that we must always be aware of the issue to protect the environment with sincerity, I came to reflect on myself a lot.”

Jo Yeong-bin from Korea University pledged to change the world through his constant practice and solidarity activities in his daily life.

Kim Hui-jin said, “I was impressed that the Vice Minister was happy for the fact that there are university students like ASEZ, and that she wanted many Ecuadorian university students to take actions. I thought I had to make time and go to a specific place to volunteer for the environment, but hearing that I can create bright future even in my daily life, I’ve been greatly encouraged.”


ASEZ believes today’s discussion held by the future leaders of the world was essential for the bright future where land, forest, water, lives, and people can co-exist.

As university students, we need to think hard and take actions to protect nature, which is a big part of our lives.

And the time for action is now.

The future starts here.