On June 4, Korail Kwangwoon University Station and six ASEZ campus clubs signed memorandums of understanding [MOU] to make the Kwangwoon University Station safe and clean.

Manager of the Kwangwoon University Station Kim Jin-guk said, “Now we’re having a very hard time due to COVID-19. We are so grateful to ASEZ University Student Volunteer Group for disinfecting our community for the safety of citizens. We, Kwangwoon University Station, will continue to work with ASEZ.”

Lee Sae-yeon, a student from Kwangwoon University, who attended the agreement, expressed her commitment to the work of ASEZ, saying, “The Kwangwoon University Station is a representative station of Kwangwoon University, and most of the large floating population comprises college students. As a student of Kwangwoon University, I feel responsibility for awareness raising campaigns, cleanups, and disinfection around the station. I want to work hard to contribute to creating a safe and clean local community.”

ASEZ has been cleaning and disinfecting the Kwangwoon University Station even before this agreement. Based on this, both organizations pledged to regularly conduct cleanups and disinfection around the Station, and to carry out awareness-raising campaigns to create a safe city.

Attention is paid to both organizations’ efforts to create a safe and clean public environment.