Korea-Mexico Members Hold Participation Class for Mexican Children

ASEZ stepped forward to deliver dreams and hope to children. On August 4, 2016, they visited the DIF national orphanage Central De Abasto branch located in Mexico City in Mexico, and held varied classes with children as guest teachers.

This program was participated by 12 Korean college students who flew to Mexico for culture experience and by 15 Mexican college students who are members of ASEZ Mexico City Branch in Puebla, Mexico.

To deliver warm love to the children who are at the ages that require a lot of care but cannot feel their parents’ touch, the talented members prepared diverse programs. The children experienced Korean culture by playing some traditional Korean games such as Jegi and Ttaji. They had a chance to reflect on the importance of the human rights by drawing the most important person and making a presentation about it. They learned the importance of the environment through a video about recycling. They also had a craft class to make handmade letters; a music class to learn the Korean kid’s song “Three Bears” in Spanish; and a PE class to play limbo and the game of drop the handkerchief; and also an art class to draw out an image while listening to the music.

The diverse classes contained the college students’ passion to share a mother’s love with the children. Despite the differences in race, language, and age, the college students and the children smiled the whole time.

The orphanage principal, who watched the classes, expressed appreciation to the Church of God and said, “It was good and meaningful because our children could have a lot of experiences and broaden their knowledge through Korean college students and Mexican students.”