Joint Seminar of Five Universities: Changwon National University, Masan National University, Korea Polytechnics, and Changwon Moonsung University.

On December 27, 2021, the ASEZ club at Changwon National University held a seminar in celebration of the “UN Human Rights Day.” Adhering to the COVID-19 preventive measures, five ASEZ clubs from Changwon National University, Changshin University, Masan University, Korea Polytechnics in Changwon, and Changwon Moonsung University joined the event. This seminar was organized for college students to reflect on human rights violations on campuses and take the lead to improve human rights issues.

The seminar consisted of an introduction of ASEZ, a presentation of the Human Rights Day, an expert lecture, the result report of the preliminary survey, suggestions, and photo time.
At the expert lecture, Professor Lee Jang-hui of the Department of Law from Changwon National University gave a lecture titled, “What is human rights?” At his lecture, he emphasized that college students should pay attention to human rights and make efforts for it. “In order for human rights to be realized in our everyday life, it is important to respect others and live with them,” said Professor Lee.

Before the seminar, a preliminary survey was conducted for college students, professors, human rights officials, and experts. Through this, an investigation was conducted on human rights issues and violations on campuses. In particular, the ASEZ club members at Changwon National University visited professors, the Human Rights Center on the campus, and the Changwon Disability Human Rights Center to have interviews with experts to discuss on human rights issues that college students are faced with.
Shin Min-seop (Changwon National University) said, “While preparing for this seminar, I’ve realized that there are many human rights-related organizations and organizations that can help students. I will make efforts to promote human right issues and encourage other students to respect human rights on campuses.”
Next, a proposal was made for an agenda for resolving human rights issues. Participants talked about specific cases on human rights violations on campuses, such as limiting the number of students in lectures, central heating and cooling system in the dormitory, forcing students to pay for student union fees, and seniors abusing their seniority with disciplining junior classes, and looked for solutions.

“I’ve often overlooked though my human rights have been violated. After the seminar, I decided that if I feel I am being violated, I will take a positive attitude to solve the problem,” said Lee Da-hyeon (Masan University).

Professor Lee Jang-hui said, “I loved the presentation on ASEZ Human Rights Day today. It was great to see college students seriously giving presentations on human rights, discussing and listening to each other to solve human right issues.” He added, “If ASEZ continues to work on human rights, it will be a very meaningful club for human rights. I think many students will make good memories through ASEZ.”

In celebration of Human Rights Day, ASEZ held a seminar to raise the awareness of human rights and to resolve the related issues on campuses. Like the slogan, “Everyone, Everywhere, Every day,” we hope that everyone will enjoy their human rights everyday, wherever they are.