On July 19, 2023, the Church of God ASEZ in Huancayo, Peru, participated in the winter clothing donation campaign.

In July, Peru faced climate disasters such as droughts, cold waves, floods, and heat waves in many regions due to the climate crisis. In Huancayo, too, the temperature abnormally dropped to -10°C [14°F], which affected children and elderly people. Even though the government provided aid to the most affected areas, it was not enough for the victims and the severe cold wave didn’t stop.

Considering this situation, the Junín provincial government invited ASEZ to winter clothing donation campaign for people suffering from the cold wave.

The Church of God ASEZ members in Huancayo, Peru, participated in the winter clothing donation campaign on July 19 for the communities in need. They donated 1,000 coats and winter clothes, 30 blankets, 100 sets of scarves, hats, and gloves to the local community. The Junín provincial government was greatly moved by this, and complimented ASEZ students for their care and consideration for others. As the ASEZ members delivered their donations to the Junín provincial government, the government said, “Today’s event will be the starting point for our cooperation with ASEZ for our local community and all Peru.”

Attention is paid to ASEZ’s activities that deliver love to local communities through cooperation with governments and international organizations around the world. We hope that Mother’s love that ASEZ is delivering will spread to the country and the whole world more quickly through external cooperation.