“We Ourselves Clean Up Our Campus!”

On January 23, students at University of Gyeongnam Geochang cleaned up campus and nearby streets to promote “green practice.” About 20 members participated in this cleanup and collected garbage, such as paper cups, plastic bottles, and plastics dumped around the main entrance of the university and on the street behind the school building.

The Member of Geochang County Council Kim Hang-lan took part in this activity, hoping for the sustainable development of the local community through cleanup.
ASEZ members said, “It was a meaningful time to clean around the campus during vacation, which we might have spent meaninglessly,” “I was happy to see the clean campus and streets after picking up the garbage.” Another member said, “I was encouraged, seeing all the volunteers smiling while volunteering. On the way back, I saw a car driver passing by with his thumbs up, which made me feel more rewarded. Although it is a small activity, I’ve realized that it has become a good example for many people.”
ASEZ has been carrying out campus cleanups around the world since 2018. We hope that even global pending issues will be solved if we work with a sense of ownership, starting from our own campus. This is why we are paying attention to the consistent activities of ASEZ, starting from their own campuses.