Goodness without knowledge is weak and feeble, yet knowledge without goodness is dangerous. -Philips Exeter Academy, U.S.

According to the Korean Association for Green Campus Initiative, universities and hospitals accounted for 40% of the top 25 energy-intensive buildings in Seoul, Korea, in 2021. Additionally, although the number of students in higher education is on the decline, the use of electricity is continuously increasing. Electricity use temporarily decreased due to the coronavirus, but it is on the rise again as the pandemic subsides.

In particular, Seoul National University has ranked first in energy consumption in Seoul since 2007, and many universities in Korea such as Korea University, Yonsei University, Hanyang University, and Ewha Womans University were listed in the top ranks.

Since universities, which have a significant role in our future, are going against carbon neutrality which mankind aims for, even universities themselves are reflecting on it. Above all, students are required to raise their awareness and take action since they are preparing to step into society by learning and practicing at universities.

In October 2022, the united club of Jangan University and The University of Suwon held an environment seminar for university students.

At the event attended by professors and students, the students discussed practical measures that can be carried out on campus to cope with climate change.

They also shared how people and their consumption behaviors affect other people and the environment. They also talked about the responsibility of human beings who consume nature and what their actions can bring about.

Choi Da-yoon, a student at Jangan University, said, “I’ve realized that small practices are never small.” She emphasized that improving university facilities and energy policies and establishing a decision-making system are essential for solving excessive energy consumption, but the most important thing is for students themselves to take action.

Professor Kim Ji-yeong at Jangan University complimented the ASEZ students for carrying out activities in the community in unity with other schools and asked them to make more efforts to expand their activities across the country.

Young generations in the world are urging all humanity to respond to climate crisis. At this point, it is important for university students to share their good knowledge on campus where many intellectuals gather, and empower their voices through vigilant actions and practices.