On May 7, ASEZ University Student Volunteer Group from the World Mission Society Church of God in Busan carried out a street cleanup campaign at Pusan National University to support the implementation of the UN SDGs. ASEZ in Busan explained the purpose of this activity by saying, “University students have come together with passion and enthusiasm to take the lead in protecting the earth, which is suffering from climate change and environmental pollution, and to protect humanity and all living organisms.”

At 11 a.m. on this day, about 100 ASEZ members from nearby universities began cleaning a 4 km [2.48 mi] section around Pusan ​​National University. Since it had a large floating population because of a nearby university and a shopping mall, there was a lot of household waste such as plastics, cups, cans, cigarette butts, face masks, and paper. Carrying cleaning tools such as gloves, tongs, and trash bags, the volunteers moved in small groups, picking up every trash on the streets. Despite sweating profusely, they remained bright and energetic throughout the activity. Through the two-hour long cleanup, they collected enough trash to fill twenty 20-liter [5.28 gal] garbage bags.

They also carried out the “ABC Movement” alongside the cleanup campaign. ABC, which stands for ASEZ Blue Carbon, is a movement aimed at raising awareness of blue carbon and protecting the marine ecosystem. This initiative is designed to highlight the significance of blue carbon, which refers to the carbon stored and preserved by the marine ecosystem. At the event location, panels were displayed to inform attendees about carbon neutrality and the importance of safeguarding blue carbon ecosystems. ASEZ members explained the concept of blue carbon through these panels to the students visiting Pusan National University, encouraging them to join in the cleanup efforts. Additionally, they collected signatures in support of the ABC Movement.

Kim Jae-seo, a first-year student at Pusan National University and an ASEZ member, expressed, “This is my first ASEZ activity since entering university. I’m very happy and proud to participate in a street cleanup and awareness campaign alongside many ASEZ members.” Yoon Hye-jeong, a third-year student at Pusan National University and also an ASEZ member, shared her impressions, saying, “Through ASEZ activities led solely by university students, it feels like we have a positive influence on many other students. As a young adult, I want to influence the world positively, following God’s teachings to be the salt and light of the world.”

The Geumjeong District Office warmly welcomed and supported the proactive efforts of the university students in cleaning up the campus vicinity by providing cleaning tools. Ha Eun-mi, Vice Chairwoman, expressed gratitude, stating, “I extend my heartfelt thanks and congratulations to all of you who are contributing to creating a better future for the world. I hope that through such meaningful activities in the future, your beautiful efforts will continue to inspire hopeful dreams and happiness for us all. I wish good health and luck to everyone who participated. Thank you.”