Now that hygiene and disinfection have emerged as an important issue due to COVID-19, ASEZ volunteered to prevent the spread of COVID-19, starting on their campus. On May 31, ASEZ carried out disinfection around Seoul National University of Science and Technology (hereinafter, Seoultech) located in Nowon-gu, Seoul, Korea.

Twelve ASEZ members from Seoultech, Seoul Women’s University, and Induk University disinfected about 1.5 km [0.9 miles] from the entrance of the Gongneung Station to the insides of Seoultech. At the same time, they collected trash of two 20 liter bags, including papers, plastic coffee cups, and cigarette stubs on the street.

The community service center in Gongneung 1-dong and the emergency committee of Seoultech provided necessary supplies for the volunteer service. Welcoming the ASEZ members, they said that they wanted to take this opportunity to continue to work with ASEZ in volunteer services.

Jeon Byeong-in, the leader of the emergency committee of Seoultech, welcomed the ASEZ members, saying, “ASEZ has volunteered to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in our community and to create a clean environment. I’m very thankful for their good work. I’ve learned about ASEZ through newspapers. Please make efforts to save schools, our country, and the world.”