[Peru] Illegal Ad Removal and Street Light Pole Cleanup "Creating a Crime-Free Community"

On January 25, 2023, ASEZ members removed illegal posters from street light poles on Av. San Martin, Cajamarca, Peru. Recently, pollution has been producing negative effects on our lives. The causes of visual pollution are illegal posters and graffiti. Illegal posters and graffiti break the aesthetics of landscape and environment, generating stress and fatigue. An investigation from the National Autonomous University of Mexico indicates that visual pollution, that is, visual overstimulation can harm the health of those who inhabit those environments.

Peru has been suffering from visual pollution, which is why ASEZ volunteers from Cajamarca have been removing illegal posters to reduce the negative effects of visual pollution. On January 25, 2023, 50 ASEZ members removed illegal posters on poles, in cooperation with local government and the Environment Department of the National Police of Peru. They cleaned Av. San Martin, a 500 meter [0.3 mi] stretch from block 8 to block 12. The activity began with the opening speech of the environmental manager of the municipality Susana Pando. She expressed her gratitude, welcoming the volunteers. She said, “I appreciate that there are young people who have interest in the environment and their concern for the environment is evident in everything that they’ve been carrying out. NGOs, the environmental management department, and even our mayor are ready to support your work.”

The event was also attended by members of the Cajamarca branch of the Ministry of Environment, National Police of Peru. Among them, Petty Officer Hinostrosa expressed gratitude, saying, “I really appreciate your cleanup here. I think it will be also nice for authorities to join this activity. We ourselves have to take care of the ecosystems. Visual pollution is noticeable, and we, as environmental police, have to be the main promoters of environmental care. I want to express my gratitude to the ASEZ members. They are carrying out these type of large scale volunteer activities with great number of people.”

50 ASEZ volunteers removed illegal posters posted on public lightening poles and collected 150 kg [330 lbs] of advertising rubbish. The residents were moved by the ASEZ members’ cleanup. One of the ASEZ volunteers, Frankln Masfil Chugnas, said, “I took part in this cleanup, wanting to help society. Removing posters will lead to maintain cleanliness and avoid the visual pollution in our community. Moreover, it will raise awareness of the visual pollution as well. Illegal posters cause stress that could generate crime. We hope that residents, too, will participate in these activities in order to reduce visual pollution and avoid serious crimes.”

The event served as a good opportunity to help the residents become aware of the serious damage caused by visual pollution. Likewise, ASEZ members are actively carrying out various activities to bring change in society with a humble and selfless heart. ASEZ activities are motivating more people to join the great work of saving humanity.