On March 31, 2021, ASEZ members from Indianapolis University Purdue University in Indianapolis [IUPUI] carried out a campaign to encourage the medical staff who sacrifices to combat COVID-19.
Ten members from ASEZ and twenty university students from IUPUI took part in this campaign; they made care packages along with encouraging letters.

The members had carried out the campaign in Northern Community Hospitals in Indianapolis last January. They said, “We want to express our gratitude to the medical staff in other communities, too. We hope they will remember that many people are cheering them on.”

The letters and packages were given to a hundred doctors and nurses of IU Health University Hospital. The medical staff expressed their gratitude, saying, “We are grateful for the warmheartedness of ASEZ members. We will not forget that we are all combating the COVID-19 together, and will pluck up ourselves again.” In addition to that, they sent a group photo with a message: “Thank you, ASEZ.”

While the number of confirmed cases is exploding around the world as COVID-19 is mutating day after day, countries and regions are actively helping each other. Aid from countries around the world, including the U.S. and Europe, is continuing to help India, which is suffering a shortage of hospital beds and medical oxygen due to nearly 350,000 new infections a day.
ASEZ hopes that national and regional support for overcoming the COVID-19 crisis and encouragement among neighbors, will be a great help to end the coronavirus. ASEZ is sending the words of encouragement to all citizens of the world who are overcoming the coronavirus at this moment.