Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, is called “Green City in the Sun” and ”Place of Cool Water.”

This city has special and beautiful natural environment, but now is suffering from overflowing waste.

More than 3,200 tons of waste is thrown out in cities per day, of which only 800 tons ends up in landfills.

In addition, due to the inadequate waste management, even garbage collection is not performed in underdeveloped areas.

Tremendous amount of waste is illegally dumped in waterways, streets, and everywhere in the city, threatening public safety and health.

Although the projects for garbage collection, separation, and recycling are being implemented in the city, they are not enough to solve the problem. Therefore, it is urgent to promote awareness and participation of local residents.

ASEZ members in Nairobi, steadily carry out cleanups to help their community.

Through the Slogan, “Let’s Beautify Nairobi Enkare,” ASEZ members from Zetech University, Mount Kenya University, and the University of Nairobi volunteered to take a clean up challenge around Ngara and Parklands Estate on August 28, 2022. (Ref. “Nairobi Enkare” means “place of cool waters” in the Maasai language.) The county leaders provided the volunteers with the necessary tools to clean up, and some residents picked up garbage together with the university students as far as 10 km [6.2 miles].

The ward representative complimented ASEZ university students for their voluntary activity, saying, “What a heart we have, zealous community, a family united for safer environment . . .”

Additionally, Winnie, an ASEZ member from Zetech University, said, “The environment was originally clean and beautiful, but slowly people are destroying the place.” Emphasizing that it is also people who can solve the problems, she appealed for the participation of many people.

The Kenya Constitution emphasizes the importance of peoples’ rights and participation in making important decisions and implementing policies that directly affect them.

“We” make today, tomorrow, and the future.

It is up to everyone who lives in the city to maintain those beautiful names: “Green City in the Sun” and “Place of Cool Water.”

ASEZ members in Nairobi will continue to inform the residents of local issues, and communicate with various stakeholders in the city to solve them.