In this difficult situation where the whole world is suffering from the pandemic, some people give support to the medical staff with their handwritten letters and support kits full of love. They are the ASEZ members in Gongju.

On June 3, ASEZ members from Kongju National University, Gongju National University of Education, and Korea College of Media Arts carried out the “Cheer up” campaign to support the medical staff who are having a hard time due to the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic.

Before visiting the medical center, they wrote seventy cheer up cards and packed snack kits for the medical staff in Gongju. When they delivered the kits to the medical center, the medical staff showed their appreciation and praised them.

An ASEZ member from Konju National University said, “After the COVID-19 broke out, the only thing we could do to prevent the disease was to wear face masks. However, through this opportunity, I was happy to be able to help the medical staffs who are dedicated to our society, putting themselves aside.”

Another member said, “It is not a big gift, but seeing the medical staff expressing their gratitude for the small gift, I thought about their efforts again and was thankful for their hard work. I made a commitment to take extra care of personal hygiene and to do my best to comply with the COVID-19 guidelines so that we can end this coronavirus.”

Medical staff members are struggling physically and mentally in the unprecedentedly prolonged pandemic. Remembering that their sacrifices, which we feel natural, are never for granted, we have to give sincere support and thanks to them. This is why ASEZ members write handwritten letters with sincerity and make support kits today, too.