ASEZ university students visited the BAP Unión at the official invitation of the Peruvian Ambassador to Korea on September 10, 2023.

The BAP Unión is a vessel designed for cadet training to mold future Peruvian Navy officers, and it holds significant value as it is manufactured domestically in Peru. The BAP Unión is a 3,200-ton-class sailing ship with 115.5 m [380 ft] in length, 6.5 m [21 ft] in width, and 13.5 m [44 ft] in height. It accommodates a total of 249 people on board.

The BAP Unión has embarked on the first journey across the world’s oceans. During its journey, it makes port visits to various partner countries and friends of Peru, including the Republic of Korea. On September 10, 2023, the BAP Unión arrived at the Busan International Cruise Terminal, marking its fourth port of call in commemoration of the 60th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations between Korea and Peru. Captain Jose Luis Arce, the commander of the ship, accompanied by 100 naval cadets, made his special visit to Korea.

The BAP Unión was opened to the public for four days and three nights from September 10 to 13, providing an opportunity for citizens to tour the facilities inside the vessel. On board the BAP Unión, Peru has set up Casa Peru, a traveling museum and experience platform aimed at displaying traditional Peruvian culture and food.

ASEZ university students in Busan, too, watched the BAP Unión at the invitation of the Peruvian Ambassador to Korea H.E. Paul Fernando Duclos Parodi. The students learned the culture and tradition of other country, understanding cultural diversity. The Peruvian Ambassador to Korea introduced Peruvian culture to the ASEZ students by showing the vessel.

The students said, “I’ve never been to Peru, but I think Peru and Korea are very similar. I felt familiar with the Peruvian culture from the first time.” ASEZ members said, “We hope we will continue to have more opportunities to experience various cultures. If the whole world respects cultural diversity, all the social conflicts caused by cultural differences will be resolved.”

This event served as an opportunity to build a lasting friendship between the Republic of Korea and Peru. We hope the university students from the two countries will have more time to work together.