ASEZ members at Semyeong University took part in the “Come Together Festival” in Jecheon, an event to revitalize the city center, on November 16 and 17, 2022. A total of 19 teams, including ASEZ at Semyeong University, took part in this event.

“Come Together Festival” is an event co-hosted by Semyeong University and Jecheon City to revitalize the city center through the cooperation between the community and the university. Due to the location of the university, the students mainly stay on the outskirts of the city. This festival motivates the students to gather in the city center and run various programs such as cultural performances and experiencing events, which bring youthful and vibrant energy to the citizens.

On that day, ASEZ members from Semyeong University ran a booth to raise awareness of crime prevention and reduction. ASEZ shared diverse information with the citizens by solving simple quizzes about crime prevention. ASEZ informed that crime can occur around us anytime, and that the community members must take action to prevent crime. ASEZ introduced their “Reduce Crime Together” [RCT] project.

Lee Chae-rin from Semyeong University said, “I hope ASEZ will continue to be a positive influence on people.” A person from the other booth visited the ASEZ’s booth and said, “These students are doing a great job. The quizzes are very informative.” He recommended that citizens should visit the ASEZ’s booth.

On that day, about 200 citizens and Semyeong University students agreed with the vision and activities of ASEZ and signed in support for the crime prevention movement.

ASEZ members said they themselves realized the importance of preventing crimes while preparing for the festival. Yoon Dah-hye from Semyeong University, an ASEZ student who ran the ASEZ’s booth, said, “I’ve become more alert to crime and learned the seriousness of crime. It was a good opportunity to inform that love without discrimination is the key to resolve conflicts.”

ASEZ, the Church of God University Student Volunteer Group, is consistently emphasizing the importance of crime prevention and reduction through the RCT project. All community members must have interest and act together to eliminate crimes to create a safe community. ASEZ hopes that communities and universities will have more opportunities to work together to prevent and reduce crimes.