The ABC Movement was held on August 13, 2023, at the Walkerspruit River in Sunnyside, Pretoria, Gauteng, Rep. of South Africa. About 90 ASEZ members gathered for it.

The ABC Movement is an acronym for ASEZ Blue Carbon Movement. It is a global movement that has been carried out by ASEZ to achieve carbon neutrality and protect the marine ecosystem, from June this year in commemoration of World Environment Day (June 5) and World Oceans Day (June 8). The main activities of the ABC Movement are a blue carbon ecosystem cleanup and a blue carbon awareness campaign.

Sunnyside, Pretoria, where the campaign was held, has a lot of dormitories because there is the University of Pretoria nearby, and it has a very high population density due to its large floating population. Therefore, the streets overflow with garbage illegally dumped everywhere. To tackle this issue, Tshwane Municipality, which signed an MOU with ASEZ, asked ASEZ for help.

ASEZ members cleaned up 2 km [1.2 miles] of the Walkerspruit River. The amount of garbage collected on that day was equivalent to one eight-metric ton truck. A huge amount of garbage was collected in about two hours. At the event, not only the cleanup but also the panel exhibition were held to inform people of the need for carbon neutrality and blue carbon ecosystem protection. ASEZ university students informed many citizens of the concept and importance of blue carbon through the exhibition.

Tshwane City Councilor Shaun Wilkinson who had been collaborating with ASEZ for a long time, said, “ASEZ and the Church of God are doing an amazing job! In particular, ASEZ is full of enthusiasm and joy for any activity and project from the beginning to the end. You bring joy and harmony. You are always full of energy, love, and joy.”

Another councilor, Leon Kruyshaar, said, “I would like to say thank you to ASEZ. It’s good to know that we have students who are caring about the environment and working hard to keep our city clean,” he said.

Tuelo Given Tapela, ASEZ member who is studying at the University of Pretoria, said, “I’m very happy to participate in this meaningful work of establishing the ABC Belt that conserves the ecosystems of Pretoria. In order to achieve this, we need active support from government agencies, local authorities, and universities.”

Blue carbon is very important but it is still not well-known to most people. ASEZ will increase its efforts to raise awareness of blue carbon and its importance so that more people can cope with climate crisis that mankind is facing.