Among the proverbs in Shona, Africa, there is a saying, “A heart is like a tree; it grows wherever it wants.” It means love can grow in any barren land. You can express your heart to anyone you want despite trials and hardships.

The same goes on campus. If you have someone to express your love, love will bloom on campuses all over the world.

On July 14 and 19, 2022, ASEZ members of the University of Zimbabwe in Africa delivered letters and lunch boxes to the faculty members to express their gratitude and support.

The students’ love was passed on to the Vice Chancellor, Deputy Dean, Professor of Faculty of Agriculture, Professor of Faculty of Engineering, Professor of Faculty of Economic History, and ASEZ club’s coordinator.

A professor who received the lunch box was moved by the activities of ASEZ at the University of Zimbabwe as well as the lunch box, and was proud of the fact that there are university students who are actively working for others at his university. Many other professors showed great interest and promised to participate in future activities.

One member who took part in the activity said, “I was at the university for almost five years, but I hardly met professors outside of class. So it was meaningful to have the opportunity to interact with them through this activity.” Another member said, “When we delivered little words and actions of support, the professors expressed their gratitude with bright smiles. I felt that when we give love, the beautiful love returns to us.”

ASEZ will generously instill our love, support, heart, and interest in wherever it is needed.