On October 11, the ASEZ members in Argentina held an online seminar on the topic, “How to Know about Domestic Violence.” It was to raise the awareness of the effect of verbal abuse among family members as part of the “No More Verbal Abuse Campaign,”encouraging the citizens who are suffering from COVID-19 pandemic.

The seminar consisted of five sessions: ASEZ introduction, lecture, Q&A, report on the No More Verbal Abuse Campaign result, and messages from the VIP to ASEZ.

On this day, Marice Silva, the lawyer and the director of Group Survive, spoke about domestic violence. In her lecture, she introduced the types of physical and verbal violence occurring at home, and she explained how to detect it, and some guidelines to follow when it occurs. ASEZ members introduced the Cheer Up Campaign to combat COVID-19 and No More Verbal Abuse Campaign that they recently held, and encouraged citizens to join them.

Adriana Cáceres, the National Deputy for the Juntos por el Cambio [Together for Change]; Patricia Beltramino the Under-Secretary for Children, Gender and Diversity of Lanús, Buenos Aires; Nora Larroude, the Director of Critical Assistance of Lanús, Buenos Aires, along with the ASEZ members and about 200 citizens part took in this event. The influential figures who couldn’t part take in this event, sent their congratulatory videos and messages to support ASEZ activity.

“Congratulations on the campaign you carried out to stop verbal violence,” said Constanza Mías, the Under-Secretary for Environmental Management and Sustainability of the City of Cordoba. Sergio Cornejo, the Sub Secretary for Social Inclusion of the Ministry of Social Development, reminded us of the importance of the Campaign, saying, “Any form of violence is an act of violating human dignity and greatness. Particularly, words permeate deeper than any physical wound.”

Sol Velarde from the University of Buenos Aires [UBA], who part took in the event, said, “I was astonished that I hurt my family with the words that I spoke carelessly. The seminar was really interesting and surprising, and made me reflect on myself.”

“Taking part in this seminar, I’ve understood how important what I speak is and how it impacts others. Now before I speak, I will think about how my words will affect the other person, and look for good words that give them encouragement,” said Vanesa Guzman from the National University of Lanús.

Attention is paid to ASEZ’s efforts to realize a society without verbal violence, starting from this campaign, by improving verbal violence that is indiscriminately and unconsciously committed at home.