A Conference of Signature-Seeking Campaign for ASEZ Proposal, MOU Signing, the Embassy, and the Department of the UN SDGs

In July 2017, ASEZ established “five proposals for the implementation of the UN SDGs” in order to contribute to the implementation of the sustainable development goals of the international community and to promote the sustainability of each country through university student volunteer activities. In order to achieve this purpose, the signature-seeking campaign for the ASEZ proposal have been held around the world as of January 2018, and signing MOUs with local autonomous entities, universities, and government offices around the world, including Rep. of South Africa, Brazil, Argentina, and India, has been made to build up an international network to spur on the activities for the implementation of the UN SDGs.

The Korean ASEZ members, who visited the United States, visited the UN Headquarters in New York and held a conference with the SDGs department officials to discuss the proposals for the implementation of the SDGs and to specify the way of their activities. In Washington D.C., the members visited the embassies in five African countries: Angola, DR Congo, Cape Verde, Mozambique, and Mauritius. After seriously discussing about the cooperation activities in the respective countries, the embassies promised active support for ASEZ activities.

Based on the discussions, ASEZ is planning to carry out environmental campaigns in five African countries in the future and to conduct awareness activities in order to solve various social problems such as environmental pollution and hygiene issues that accompany with the economic growth. Through this, we will focus on raising the awareness of each person and bringing the sustainable and developmental changes to the communities.