In the month of May, Korean society is filled with gratitude.

People express their gratitude with writings, gifts, and flowers to their parents, teachers, and people around them.

In celebration of Teacher’s Day, ASEZ members carried out a campaign to deliver handwritten letters and carnations to professors, who were teaching them for a better future.

ASEZ members from 77 universities in Korea took part in this campaign, and the president and professors of each university who received their appreciation thanked them back.

Many educators were greatly moved, saying that it was their first time to receive a handwritten letter from students. They said they could feel the love of the students who cared for them.

A professor at Dongguk University said he was surprised and moved because he had not received a handwritten letter recently. He added, “In order to write a letter, we come to think about what to write and be careful not to make mistakes in writing. More than anything, we need a sincere heart for the person we are writing to. Through the letter, I could feel the sincerity of the students.”

A professor at Ajou University said he felt like he became very special. The President of Kyungpook National University was so moved that he asked the students to read the letter for him. He even displayed the letter in his office. A professor at Korea Maritime and Ocean University expressed her gratitude to the students who delivered the letter, and said she would participate in ASEZ activities.

The professors were moved by the letters reading that the students were interested in the classes and became more active in participating in them. They said they would put more efforts in preparing for their classes. They appreciated the students’ love and consideration, and asked them to always look at the world with a warm heart without prejudice. The professors also advised them to challenge themselves always with dreams and enthusiasm.

When we think about others and when others think about us, we feel like we are special.

ASEZ will go forward to bring forth changes into the world, by working together with the faith in infinite potential that each person has.