Implementing the SDGs, a common task of international community, will generate changes from our own community and city. Therefore, the common goals for mankind is the goals for our own communities. Regular activities led by citizens in each city directly contribute to the achievement of the goals. Collaboration between local governments and residents in formulating and implementing policies is also an important factor in achieving the goals.

ASEZ has been carrying out cleanups with local municipal governments for a clean and sustainable future.

Spring 2021. About a hundred university students from several universities across LA, U.S. such as University of California, Los Angeles [UCLA], University of Southern California [USC], and California State University, Northridge [CSUN] convened a street cleanup campaign with the city’s Sanitation Department and its City Councilman.

University students cleaned up the main streets of Hollywood Boulevard and Vermont Avenue, filling 23,000 liters of trash cans with disposable masks and medical waste that had been thrown away carelessly on the street during the pandemic.

Councilman Mitch O’Farrell who took part in the event said, “This effort demonstrates that we collectively care about our surroundings . . . If areas are safe and clean, people feel better about being in them.” On this day, he presented a certificate of appreciation to ASEZ on behalf of the City of Los Angeles.


“Everyone is focused on the COVID-19 pandemic and the environment has been suffering as a result. Now it’s time for communities to recognize this fact and act together in response,” said ASEZ Leader of University of California Jasper Min.