On August 21, 2023, ASEZ (Save the Earth from A to Z) University Student Volunteer Group, affiliated with the World Mission Society Church of God, signed a Memorandum of Understanding [MOU] for the Sustainable Development Goals [SDGs] implementation campaigns with Tshwane Municipality at the municipal council. Both organizations agreed to collaborate on developing various forms of volunteer programs and cooperative activities, and to implement them.

The MOU signing ceremony was attended by Member of the Mayoral Committee Kingsley Wakelin, Chairperson of the Municipal Council Mncedi Ndzwanana, and Members of the Municipal Council including Shaun Wilkinson, Leanne De Jager, Katlego Makgaleng, Leon Kruyshaar, and many other officials from the municipality and the municipal council.

Approximately 50 ASEZ members from Pretoria and Johannesburg participated in the ceremony, where ASEZ introduced the SDGs implementation campaigns and their domestic and international achievements. Member of the Mayoral Committee Kingsley Wakelin, who attended instead of the mayor, signed the Agreement and said, “You are people who take action. I can confidently say that there are not many organizations or groups like yours. I am extremely proud to be part of you.”

Chairperson of the Tshwane Municipal Council Mncedi Ndzwanana, said, “I believe that the path you are walking is incredibly important. Your path demonstrates that there is a tomorrow for us and a tomorrow for our country. Not taking care of the environment means not taking care of ourselves.”

Member of the Municipal Council Shaun Wilkinson encouraged ASEZ, saying, “ASEZ, what you are doing is truly amazing. You are a great example of what we all need to do to save the Earth. Keep up with your work and sharing love.”

Thabiso Mgobhozi, an ASEZ member who attended the MOU signing ceremony, shared his expressions, saying, “Tshwane Municipality has a strong commitment to the UN SDGs, and ASEZ has a strong determination to change the world. I am very pleased that through this partnership, ASEZ expands its volunteer activities on a broader platform and shares love.”

ASEZ said, “The SDGs, adopted in the 70th UN General Assembly in 2015 with a resolution to be achieved by 2030, represent 17 common goals for humanity. Emphasizing ‘Leave no one behind,’ the SDGs aim for all nations to strive for the prosperity of humanity and the protection of the environment. ASEZ, the leaders of the future generation who have been hosting campaigns for the implementation of SDGs, will expand our activities and have a positive impact through the MOU with the Tshwane Municipality.”

In the Agreement, ASEZ and Tshwane Municipality recognize that the SDGs are for the rights and happiness of all people, and that they share the responsibility for future generations. Both organizations will commit to collaborate in promoting sustainable development in cities which are crucial hubs for politics, economy, society, and culture, with the aim of ensuring the rights and happiness of all people. Additionally, both organizations emphasized continuous collaboration with government agencies, universities, local communities, and expressed their commitment to contribute to city and global environmental cleanups with the heart of a mother who cares for her family.