Crime-It is illegal and reproachable human conduct.-It is an anti-social behavior that causes harm to society.

Crime and violence exist wherever people live.

Various factors cause crimes, including social problems such as poverty and inequality, institutional problems, environmental issues, etc. Eventually, it is people who commit crimes.

It is also people who can change social institutions and systems. At the same time, they can change themselves to respect others’ lives.

ASEZ conducts crime prevention character education to help children and adolescents contribute to making schools and societies free of crime and violence.

The “RCT School” curriculum consists of ten lectures. It focuses on training students to respect others, fulfill their responsibilities to others and their communities through ethical choices and decision-making, and care about the issues of our times and communicate with their communities and the world.

At the RCT education held at Buil Electronics & Design High School in Busan, and Iksan Eoyang Middle School in Iksan on November 22 and December 21, the students learned why everyone should pay attention to crime prevention, and had time to think about themselves deeply to form a correct self-identity.

Usually, students did not have time to look into themselves. So through the “Make a Name Card” activity, they had time to ask themselves questions and find their true personality and characteristics.

“The questions (about me) were very impressive because I hadn’t thought about them before,” said Kim Nah-un, a third grader at Buil Electronics & Design High School. Lee Ah-eun, a first grader at Iksan Eoyang Middle School, said, “I came to know how my friends think about me and became more confident about myself.” Kim Ye-eun, a first grader, expressed her anticipation for the next education, saying, “I was surprised to know that even a small change can reduce crime. I will make efforts to be helpful to the people around me by starting with small things.”

Teacher Hong Chun-hui at Iksan Eoyang Middle School emphasized the importance of building self-esteem, saying, “It was nice to see our students getting to know each other and respecting each other.” Teacher Kim Gah-hui at Buil Electronics & Design High School complimented the ASEZ university students who gave lectures, saying, “Our students had many lectures in a row, but they focused on this ASEZ program the most.”

Students’ growing well in a small society such as home and school leads to change in their communities and the world. ASEZ hopes that their lectures for the youth and communication with them will be set up as a good culture to create a safe and just society free from crime and violence.