[Mexico] RCT School Offline Session "Character Education for Crime Prevention"

On March 30, 2023, ASEZ held the RCT School, an education program to reduce crime at Interamercian High School located in Puebla, Mexico. This was the first time to be held offline because it had been conducted only online due to COVID- 19.

About 100 high school students attended this event, and 10 ASEZ members gave a lecture titled, “Understanding My Various Character”

At this event, not only students but also the head master participated. One of the teachers said, “Thank you for coming to give good education to our students. I aspire that the passion of the university students will be passed on to our students.”

Moreover, the head master expressed his gratitude to ASEZ students for conducting RCT activities for a long time. Showing his respect to the ASEZ university students for their hard work and efforts, the head master signed in support of their activities. “I pray that with your positive influence and energy, our students could grow even further.”

The event ended successfully, and the head master, the teachers, and the students wanted to continue with the RCT program.