[India] “Dreaming a Crime-Free World”: RCT School for Crime Prevention

Last January, the RCT School was held in Pune, India, for a crime-free community. This time, the RCT School was carried out with both the crime-prevention education and practical activities, making it more meaningful. On January 16, cleanups were carried out on the main streets of the city, such as Deccan College Road, Samrat Ashok Road, and Airport Road. Around 150 people, including ASEZ members from Korea, cleaned the streets and made great contribution to preventing and reducing crimes.

At this event, not only ASEZ members but also prominent figures from various fields such as Member of Maharashtra Legislative Assembly Hon. Sunil Tingre, Assistant Municipal Commissioner of Pune Municipal Corporation Chandrasen Nagtilak, Police Department Representative Archana Kanade, and President of Minority Department at BJP Pune City Anwar Pathan came and supported ASEZ activities. ASEZ members, who hosted this event, said, “The environment improvement activities in which everyone participates show the liveness of local communities.” At this event, ASEZ members received four citations in recognition of their contribution to improving the environment and preventing crime. ASEZ members have shown their dedication to creating a crime-free community.

On January 18, the RCT School was held at Barrister Vitthalrao Gadgil Prathamik School. The RCT School is a character education hosted by ASEZ to prevent and reduce crime, which helps youths lead a healthy life and become mature citizens who contribute to society. The RCT School consists of ten lectures focused on human rights and prevention of verbal abuse. It aims to develop five core competencies which include self-management, communication, and conflict management.

A total of 300 students participated in the RCT School event on January 18, including Assistant Administrative Officer at Primary Education Department of Pune Municipal Corporation Subhash Swami, School Principals Versha Molak, Suman Bagad, Ratnamala Vanjare, and School Supervisor Nitin Wani. Sakshi Yadav said, “I feel very rewarded and proud to be able to contribute to reducing crime and protecting the human rights and safety of students through this crime prevention education and practical activities in India. I will continue to actively participate in the RCT School and help more students to have a sense of mature citizenship.” ASEZ received a citation from the Assistant Administrative Officer at Primary Education Department of Pune Municipal Corporation in recognition of their contribution to nurturing youths with desirable character.

On January 23, the RCT School was held for about 250 students at Narayan Rao Genba Moze School. It was attended by the Principal of the Moze School Suryavansh, Chandrakant Tingre from the Kamal Foundation, and the Pune Municipal Corporator Rekha Tingre. They shared their impressions on the RCT School program and repeatedly emphasized the need for crime prevention education. At this event, ASEZ received citations from the Pune City Hall and Moze School. Joanne Lazarus said, “I want to keep up with the RCT School program and give dreams and hopes to young people.”

ASEZ hopes that the RCT School program will help university students, who are the future leaders, create a sustainable and crime-free society.