[U.S.] Earth Day Cleanup in Partnership with New York State’s Elected Officials

On Sunday, April 23, 2023, ASEZ the university student volunteer group hosted the Earth Day Cleanup to commemorate Earth Day and to highlight the importance of the Reduce Crime Together Campaign.

A total of 53 volunteers participated in the event; they were from Bronx Community College, Lehman College, City College, Westchester Community College, and Monroe College.

New York State Assembly member Karines Reyes and New York State Senator Nathalia Fernandez also attended the event and cheered for the university students’ activities. On that day, university students collected a total of 40 trash bags on Randle Avenue.

Before the cleanup began, ASEZ members heard an explanation about the broken window theory and took part in the cleanup. The broken windows theory is a theory that signs of neglect can lead to crime and disorder one after another.

The cleanup aims to reduce crime and make a crime-free community by making the streets clean.

ASEZ university students intended to deliver the message, “Continuous care and concern change our living environment and impact the overall well-being of the community.”

The event included a display booth where visitors and guests could see initial state of Randall Avenue and the impact of the cleanup.

At this event, ASEZ was awarded with two citations from Assembly member Karines Reyes of New York State.

Reyes said, “This organization, since its founding, has reignited the pride that residents have in their neighborhood and its beautification. ASEZ has also contributed to reducing crime in our community. And these university students encouraged young people to protect their communities and the world from the risk of waste and pollution through volunteer services.”

Such cleanups have great potential to change not just regions and cities but the whole world.

ASEZ members will continue to exert a good influence on their campus and local communities, and make this world a peaceful and sustainable place.