On April 10, ASEZ members in Peru planted trees around La Molina National Agrarian University Botanical Garden. ASEZ members organized this event to contribute to environmental beautification and purification by planting trees in a green belt that had been abandoned due to dry conditions.

The event was attended by Jorge Eduardo Jiménez Dávalos, Dean of Faculty of Agronomy at La Molina National Agrarian University. Surprised by ASEZ’s global activities, he said, “I believe that these ASEZ’s activities are important because it encourages participation in social issues. I think this is something that not just other universities worldwide, but everyone should participate in.”

ASEZ is conducting the Green Carbon campaign worldwide. Green Carbon campaign is one of ASEZ’s environmental campaigns to protect terrestrial ecosystems through activities such as tree planting and environmental beautification. ASEZ aims to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030 and solve global environmental issues by having following environmental campaigns.